A key essential in my puzzle

As the years go by, you have trained people, they remember you, they have good memories and you have been and still are a part of their life you realize that the important thing is not the successes, but the memories you leave, thank you very much.

“Jaume for me was one of the most important people in my beginnings as a cyclist with my family, he was the first trainer I had at the end of the year 95, when I had to move to the youth category. Before I started training with him we had known each other for a few years now as he was training my sister.

Being the first trainer I had, with him I learned the most important things any athlete should know; to know how to train and why, to know how to interpret the workouts in the best way, to understand how my body reacted in each workout and thus to be able to transmit all the information to it to continue evolving. All in all, he was one of the best trainers I had and most of all he was the one with whom I evolved the most.

He was the first person, professionally speaking, with whom I had 100% full confidence, he conveyed to me with his workouts and his way of doing things, what if there was no confidence in him and the training methods it was very difficult to improve. He got it and became a very important person in every aspect of my life, and he became more of a friend than my coach, nor did the respect of coach, when he played, ever lose him. .

Seeing my career in sports and personal life, he was a very important piece and still is today!”