Acabamos la temporada, empezamos la otra…

Se acaba la temporada, es tiempo de empezar la otra, es tiempo de encontrar entrenador, de valorar lo hecho esta temporada, corregir defectos y potenciar lo que has hecho bien.


La base está en hacer ( y valga la redundancia) una buena base, después de un merecido descanso, la base bien hecha nos valdrá para poder llevar a cabo mejor todos los entrenos del año.

Planifica la temporada, busca tu objetivo e intenta conseguirlo, si necesitas ayuda, ponte en contacto con nosotros.


Nos adaptamos a todas las categorías y especialidades del ciclismo.


The season is over, it’s time to start another, it’s time to find a coach, to assess what has been done this season, correct defects and enhance what you’ve done well.


The base is to make (and pun intended) a good base, after a short break, the base well made worth us to better carry out all the coaches of the year.


Plan the season, find your target and try to get it, if you need assistance, please contact us. We adapt to all categories and specialties of cycling.




from base to high level”

Jaume Mas was Olympic coach and one of the best coaches in cycling history. Currently coordinates the preparation of elite cyclist with personal projects like Barcelona track. Ask about cycling is going into an endless stream of knowledge.




“Jaume is the type of coach that every aspiring athlete wants to work with.  He is experienced and knowledgeable and challenges me with new and interesting ideas for training. He takes the time to understand me as an athlete.  Above all, he always has a smile on his face and for that, I always look forward to training with him.¨

Shelley Olds, Professional Cyclist Women




“Jaume besides being a great professional with lots of experience and knowledge, is a great person always willing to help people. Wherever you are and what time it is, he is not always there. We are fortunate to work with a friend like Jaume. “

 Manel lacambra,  Professional Cycling Coach. 

“En el ciclismo, yo conozco dos clases de personas, los que saben pero no te aportan nada y los que con el solo hecho de estar a su lado aprendes día a día. Gracias Jaume por tu ayuda.”

Nicolas Calmaestra, director deportivo de la Escola de Ciclisme Ca n’Anglada



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